Unisex Practical Blue Wading Shoes Diving Shoes Swimming Shoes



Upper material: PVC
Insole material: Latex
Size: 39 40 41  42
Color: Blue
Weight: approx 400
Gender: Unisex
Style: Fashion & Casual
Usage: swimming, winter swimming, wading hiking, beach, river rafting,
water skiing, surfing, scuba diving, fishing, and other recreational sports in the rain crossing.

It is a pair of very practical and useful shoes and suitable for lots of area !
Outdoor swimming, wading: People in outdoor swimming or hiking easily scratched feet underwater gravel debris,
wearing the shoes can play every cool, non-slip, anti-scratch effect, effectively protect swimmers feet not be scratched,
but also to protect the lives and safety! ALICE favorite.

Beach: When people go out to the beach to play in the beach sand
and debris is often scratched feet underwater reef swim time and often injured.
Reach tie sandals can play defense against bacterial infection and other effects.

Swimming pool: swimming wear comfortable, beautiful, stylish, but also play a non-slip,
every cold, anti-bump, to prevent bacterial infections, such as the role of swimming enthusiasts of essential equipment.

Rafting: Rafting is one of the favorite one extreme sports projects,
people go out to the lake rafting rivers,only the upper body of the guard noticed the foot often overlooked,
underwater sand and other debris easily scratched legs, because there is no one special rafting shoes,
so people can substitute with slippers, shoes, sandals, sneakers and so on.

Winter Swimming: unique design, the professional testing,
this bathing shoes minus 40 degrees does not harden, you can also play insulation,
every cool, non-slip effect, both a dry rub can be reused many times,
wearing a winter swimming enthusiasts resolved disposable water shoes distress!
Is the preferred equipment for winter swimming enthusiasts!

Package included:
1 pair of diving shoes

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