Scuba Diving Full Dry Snorkel Breathing Tube Snorkeling Silicon Pipe Swimming Equipment


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Scuba Diving Full Dry  Snorkel Breathing Tube Snorkeling Silicon Pipe Swimming Equipment

Type: Full Dry  Snorkel Breathing Tube

Material: PC Material (Pipe  Head )
                PVC Material(Pipe Shaft)  
ilicone (Mouthpieces)

Snorkel length: 56cm / 22in (Approx.)
Snorkel width: 2 ~ 3cm / 0.8 ~ 1.2in (Approx.)

Weight: Approx 182g

Color: Black,Yellow,Pink,Blue,Lightblue

Suitable for: Adult

Note: 1. Please allow 1-2cm (0.4-0.8") differences due to manual measurement, thanks.


High quality materials and construction.

Full dry snorkel with automatic close/open sealing valve, operated by vitality plug.
Thicker PC tube, good durability.
Soft PVC air tube,it can be folded at any angle.
Soft nontoxic silicone mouthpiece,best safety and comfort.
Effective water clearance and preventing water from seeping inside.
With clasp for easy fixing on your mask,great for the novice to the experienced snorkeler.


1. Don't look up in the water,keep 45 degree angle direction, helps breathing valve upward, keep breathing smoothly.
2. After use, please clean by clear water, lest affect use.
3.The top of the product is dry-type float and at the bottom of the mouth pieces is a drain valve. Please do not arbitrarily throw them.

Package Includes:

1X Full Dry  Snorkel Breathing Tube
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