Heavy Duty PVC Inflatable Repair Kit for Inflatable Swimming Pool


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Inflatable products repair kit (including a transparent film + a dedicated repair patch glue)
Ideal repairing kit for pools, air beds, spas and other products
Material: High-performance modified PVC sheet
Specifications: As picture
Color: Transparent

How to repair damaged inflatable products?
A, Repair needle:
If your inflatable  product does not accidentally be punctured  one or more small needle
1, After deflate  cover the gas nozzle, reduce  the gas flow in  the product ;
3, If the damaged place is large, take a toothpick dipped glue and  painted into the damaged place. Then glue  painted on it;
4,Completed repair, inflatable after four hours.
B, Repair scratched mouth or Scorch:
If your inflatable products are scorch or pierced a big hole
1, After deflate  cover the gas nozzle, reduce  the gas flow in  the product ;
2, Find out the patch material, cut a patch glue to cover the broken seam;
3, Completed repair, inflatable after eight hours.
C, Suede patches:
1, Carefully clean the repair area;
2, After drying, remove the patch cut well, covered in destroying surface
3, Coated with glue in patches and damaged surfaces , glued the patch side, ensure complete sealing;
4, With a smooth and  heavy object to press firmly;
5, With heavy compression,inflation after 24 hours  the repair is completed.

Package included:
1X Inflatable repair kit