Eprocool Plastic Flashing Wheels Skateboard Transparent Blue Board Cruiser Flying Fish


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1,Deck Color: CBLU
2,Net Weight:1800g  
3,Gross weight:2253g  
4,Deck Material: Plastic
5,Wheel Material: PU 
6,Truck Material: Aluminium Alloy
7,Truck Axle:  8.5*6 cm
8,Truck Hanger:15*6cm
9,Wheel Dimensions/color: 60*45 mm / blue
10,Skateboard Dimensions: 55*14*9 cm
11,Packing Dimensions :59*20*13.5cm

1,Panel using imported transparent PP raw material, super good toughness.Honeycomb non-slip, wear-resistant.
2,Use the ABEC 7 bearings, chrome steel perlin
3,High quality solid PU round, durability
4,Use impact resistance ABS material base
5,Using integrated set of suspension shaft fixed, reduce friction, aluminium magnesium alloy suspension bracket
6,Light, small size, appearance, such as the flying fish, loved by young people, is preferred to learn skateboard self-important.
7,Four wheels used magnetic core light-emitting technology, the inside of the magnetosphere through the speed to drive, very cool.

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