Adult Child Monocycle Unicycle Multifunction Tyre Fitness



Adult Child Monocycle Unicycle Wheelbarrow Multifunction Tyre Fitness

Material: high strength steel + aluminium alloy
Size: 16"  18"
Color: yellow,red
Target users: adult,child

Size guide:
1.15m-1.55m please select 16 inch
1.55m-1.85m please select 20 inch

 It just like a mini bicycle,Green and convenient for your life but it is multifunctional and amazing! 
1.You can do various fancy shows or do some hopping attacks.
2.You and your child will become clever and clever and easier to get focus on one thing.
3.Your reaction will become faster and faster.
4.Your health will become beter and beter and you will always look younger!
5.You will have a slim body.Yes! It is an effective tool to lose weight, not boring but interesting.
6.Exercise your legs muscles,make your legs look more attractive.
7.You can join a unicycle club and have more and more friends,maybe a girl(boy) friend!
8.You will become a star and easily attract people's attention…  

Package Included:
1 x  Unicycle