20FT Multifunction Nylon Paracord Parachute Cord Luminous Glow in Dark


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Weight: 43g
Color: white, light blue,yellow, green
Total length: 20ft (6m)
Diameter: approx 4-5mm
Minimum breaking strength: >=550lb
Core yarns: 9 Strand

This product is with nylon material,solid and durable
suitable for different outdoor activities.
High tensile Dacron 9 cord yarns design,Glow-in-the-dark
High quality, excellent durability.
Available in a variety of colors
Suitable for making bracelet , lots of creative weave and use ! Just open your minds.
Great for survival, camping, fishing, hiking,load tie down and many other applications.
Package included:
1x 20ft (6m) Parachute Cord

Note: This kind of paracord is made of GITD material which needs to absorb light.
Please keep sunshine or any other light shine on it for several minutes in order to make it glow better and greater.

Powerful use

Simple weaving methods